MAYURA; has adopted the principle of being beneficial to humans, animals and nature; is a brand that gives priority to the satisfaction of our valued customers. All products created by our expert chemists and biologists using scientific research are clean, sustainable and natural.

Natural cosmetics are products that are produced from natural raw materials of vegetable, animal and mineral origin, do not contain harmful chemicals and are compatible with your skin.

Since there are no silicone, paraben and petrochemicals in natural cosmetic products, it is more compatible for your skin and does not show any side effects in long-term use. It helps maintain the moisture balance of your skin.

When used in accordance with the correctly determined skin type, cosmetic products containing natural oils obtained from plant extracts provide the moisture balance of your skin; They do not cause dryness, irritation or side effects like other chemical-containing products.

Since there are no chemicals in natural soap, it does not cause skin dryness or irritation. It does not contain synthetic harmful substances that are absorbed by the skin and mixed with the blood. On the contrary, it moisturizes the skin thanks to cold-pressed olive oil and other valuable oils. In addition, natural cosmetic products are beneficial for your skin and do not cause harmful effects on the environment, as they do not contain petrochemical products.

The best way to understand whether a soap is a natural soap is to include water, natural oils (lavender, laurel, bittim, etc.), sodium hydroxide/caustic (NaOH) on the label.

Natural soaps react very quickly with water and foam, leaving a soft feeling on the skin thanks to the valuable oils in it.

In Mayura, product delivery is made with Yurtiçi Kargo. You can check the status of your order on the Yurtiçi Cargo website with the cargo tracking number that you receive via e-mail or sms.

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