About Us

Everything started by wanting to be beneficial to people, animals and nature, and loving to produce skin-friendly high quality soaps to bring you the purity and beauty of nature.

The story of MAYURA Our Expert Chemists and Biologists are using soaps that are used frequently in daily life on the skin, such as eczema, redness, dryness, etc. upon its creation; It starts with the idea of ​​producing sustainable natural soap with clean ingredients and without chemicals. Creating our own brand, which is our dream, and prioritizing customer satisfaction and health, our experts’ first work experience in the cosmetics sector is realized in this process. The products of our brand, which adopts naturalness as a principle, are produced with the cold process method and do not contain any coloring and odorants. Our natural healing oil soaps, which are far from fabrication, produced by hand and scientific methods; Special oils that do not lose their content properties because they are not heat-treated are trapped in the soap. Every time the soap is used, these miraculous oils are absorbed by your skin, leaving a soft feeling. You will love this feeling and will want to use it again and again. We produce the best for you, we care about your health. Additive-free and healthy care is your right too!

What Do We Offer You?


We do not use uncertified, unreliable raw materials while producing our products. We do not include untested and unapproved substance in our product. We do not offer you any product that we do not use ourselves.


In order to serve you better and to better meet customer requests, we attach importance to continuous improvement and take into account the advice and suggestions from you.


Our job is to deliver natural and healthy products to you. With this process, we produce in accordance with the legislation and regulations of the Ministry of Health with our cosmetic consultants in the production facility.


Our products are made from natural ingredients and are not tested on animals.

We Produce Various and High Quality Natural Products.

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